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eVidyaloka was founded in Jan, 2011, with co-founders Satish and Venkat, colleagues at Microsoft India, with a passion to bring volunteerism and technology together, to enable quality in education for most deserving children of remote and rural villages of India. After a pilot of the idea on the field for two years, the journey was set in motion with full time employees since May, 2013.

Satish Viswanathan & Venkat Sriraman

Co-Founders / Trustees


Children are entitled to a free education in India. While the students in rural India do get one, we can all agree that the quality of education they receive is much lower to their urban counterparts. There are millions of brilliant minds out there, let's unlock their potential.

Our contribution, empathy and appreciation can help unearth this national treasure.


As eVidyaloka's partner, United by Hope is determined to change the way education is delivered to millions of children in rural India. By forming effective partnerships with govt schools, eVidyaloka provides high quality, meaningful education to rural children, through their medium of e-learning.

Together, we believe it is our duty to see to it that every child is given the highest standard of education they "RIGHTFULLY" deserve - One that will prepare them to get into any ring and face his/her adversary with as much confidence and strength as his/her opponent to help them ultimately emerge victorious.

Each one of us can contribute in our own way to help make this a reality. So, for every purchase you make, we will donate 10% of our profits to eVidyaloka to support their efforts in spreading the medium of e-learning to all parts of rural India.