Responsible Fashion

We encourage our customers to participate in conscious consumption - Buy Better, Buy Less and Wear More. This is better for us and our planet.

Our Values

- To create fabulous, high quality clothes and products that we love.
- To be fair with everyone that has an input in the making of our clothes.
- To give every customer the most awesome buying experience.
- To create positive social and environmental impact through our work.

Our Ethos

Our goal is to build a clothing brand whichnot only produces awesome, unique clothing of a high standard but also creates change in our communities. We want to prove that everyone from production to customer can be happy. At the same time, we want your experience and our customer service to be phenomenal every time!

Our Fabrics

All our shirts are made from the finest Egyptian cotton grown on the banks of the river Nile. Proudly spun and woven right here in India, our soft fabrics, combined with intricate weaves make our fabrics some of the best in the country.

Our Quality

Our obsessive attention to detail and unique combination of colors, structures and styles is what makes our shirts so beautiful and amazing to wear. We make limited quantities in each style but every one of them is made with the Love, Care and Craftsmanship you deserve.

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