July Round up: First Magic Bus Session

July Round up: First Magic Bus Session

It's 5:00am, alarm bells wake me up this morning to prepare me for my first visit to The Bandepalaya Government Higher Primary School in Garvipalaya, Hosur Road.

I left quite early to beat Bangalore's notorious traffic and I got there just in time for my first 'Childhood to Livelihood' session.

As soon as I got there, I met Anupama, the course coordinator for South India and Shwetha, our Youth Leader who was conducting the program for the day.

Shwetha, went through the same 'Childhood to Livelihood' program and is currently working as Youth Leader, training and sharing her experiences with these younger children.

The children form a line from their classrooms and head to the astro turf 5 a side football pitch! Yes, you heard right. Astro turf Football pitch! Thanks to the kind folks at ESPN, the kids have an amazing space to spend their free time.

So, Shwetha begins the session with a little warm up and stretching exercises. Next they go through 45 minutes of play and activities which they seem to enjoy thoroughly!

The activities teach the kids the importance of communication and team play. Both of which are so crucial in our day to day lives.

The next 5 minutes or so the kids sat with their eyes closed in complete silence. Suddenly, it felt like the entire city had fallen silent, it was Beautiful!

Once the kids finished their meditation, the next 15 minutes was an interactive Q&A session. They were asked questions and were encouraged to voice their opinions about the session. Needless to say everyone had one! :)

The day ended with a group picture of us. The guy on my left wasn't shy one bit! :) Not sure how the school let him but he sported a killer hair-cut - Hair shaven on his left and combed clean from the middle onto the other side. Rock Star alert folks!

I had a great time at school! Thank-you Anupama and well done Shwetha! You did a great job out there. Keep up the good work. :)

Next month, I'll be visiting a school near our factory and I'm really looking forward to it!

Till then, Ciao good people! :)

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